Sewing On Minky

Tips for Sewing With Minky

While minky projects can offer a new challenge to sewers, a few simple
tips can make take the fear and difficulty out of the experience.

-Before you start a project, make sure to note the nap on the minky and cut pieces accordingly if you want the nap to lay a particular way. Minky is stable parallel to the selvage and stretches perpendicular to the selvage.

-Minky, like fleece, will not shrink with washing. However, make sure to pre-wash all other
fabrics you may be using in your project since they may.

-When cutting minky, be prepared for a cloud of fuzz! Try cutting pieces with a rotary cutter then taking them outside to shake them off, putting them in the dryer on the air dry cycle (NO heat), or keep a vacuum handy to cut back on some of the mess.

- Replace your standard sewing machine needle with a size 90/14 stretch needle.

- Thread your sewing machine with all-purpose sewing thread, preferably made from
100-percent polyester

- Topstitch in the same direction as the nap faces.

- Test, test, and test your stitch length, width and tension on a scrap piece before you start
your project.

- Pins are your friends. Pin every 1” to 1.5” to ensure the minky stays in place.

- Use a walking foot to help with slipping, To further prevent slipping, you can hand baste
the layers before machine stitching.

- If you are working with one layer of minky and one layer of another fabric, stitch with the
minky layer down and let the feed dogs guide the fabric.

- Give a generous seam allowance (about 1/2”) as minky tends to curl.

- DO NOT iron minky directly. Instead, place minky face down on a towel and press gently on low heat or steam it. Ironing and high heat will ruin the nap and any embossing in the fabric.

- Don’t forget to clean your machine’s throat plate, feed dogs and bobbin case often.

- If you are making a quilt, use only a low-loft polyester or pre-washed cotton batting. Even
better – skip the batting altogether and save yourself the extra work. The minky is fluffy and
offers a great deal of warmth.

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